Frequently Asked Questions

What is TFP Company?
Is TFP Company, LLC’s instructor board-certified?
When can I start the course, and how much time will I have to complete the course?
Will TFP be available for questions or assistance?
How is the training program administered?
What is the passing score required for the online courses on the end-of-course test?
What happens when I complete the course?
What happens if I misplace my certificate of completion? Can I get a replacement?
Can a security officer use the weapon permit issued by the Probate Court while on duty?
I took 16 hours of basic security officer training before September 1, 2007, do I have to take the entire 24 hours of basic security training?
Does the Private Investigator Online Course meet Georgia’s requirements?
Will I be a private investigator when I complete the course and can start my PI business?
What can I expect in taking the Private Investigation course?